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Start talking about The Fifth Child with the CWWA!

The CWWA (Contemporary Women’s Writing Association) has recently begun a book club, and their first novel is Lessing’s The Fifth Child. Although they have already met to discuss the novel in person, you can listen to the podcast and participate in an online discussion with other Lessing enthusiasts!

The Golden Notebook Reading Guide Now Up!

The Golden Notebook was originally published in 1962 by M. Joseph in London and Simon & Schuster in New York.

Robin Visel has provided us with a reading guide for The Golden Notebook. Her breakdown incorporates useful historical and biographical contextual information, a look at the various novel structures, and some tips for readers.

If you haven’t already checked out our Book Club Readers section, it offers Doris Lessing enthusiasts a place to start discussions and contribute to the society. We currently have two guides up, each tackling the business of reading in separate ways. As mentioned earlier, our newest addition by Robin Visel uses background information and structural explanation to help readers, and Tonya Krouse’s guide for The Good Terrorist provides a series of questions to engage readers with the material.

We are always appreciative of new reading guides and discussion from Doris Lessing readers!