inviting submissions for Doris Lessing Studies, 2019 (by 1 Sept.)

From the editors of Doris Lessing Studies:

Our refereed journal, published yearly online, invites submissions on any topic of Doris Lessing’s work, including this year’s special focus: considerations of Doris Lessing at 100. To follow on this year’s MLA panel on the same theme, we seek essays reflecting on and reckoning with Lessing’s vision of the past century; assessing what’s changed since 1919; or weighing her canonicity for the twenty-first century.

Contributors may also submit short essays, notes, reviews, news, bibliographies, announcements, and reports of classroom experiences.

Manuscripts should follow the current MLA handbook for style (MLA 8) and between twelve and twenty pages in length, double-spaced. Submit manuscripts as email attachments in Word to the editors, Cornelius Collins and Alice Ridout: dorislessingstudies at Endnotes should be indicated by superscript numbers manually added within the text and typed in at the end of the article.

Deadline: September 1.

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