Minutes of the Doris Lessing Society Annual Business Meeting, 2007

The meeting was called to order and began with a toast in honor of Doris Lessing’s Nobel Prize in Literature win.

Those present approved the minutes from the 2006 business meeting.

The meeting continued with personal reflections on Lessing.

Following personal reflections, the treasurer’s report was given and Sharon gave a report on Doris Lessing Studies.  Nadine Mayhew (Univ. of Ottawa English Dept.) will be in charge of the copy editing and layout of Doris Lessing Studies, and issue 17.1 on Lessing and Trauma may be out by Spring 2008.

Those present discussed the possibility of raising dues.  Marilyn was authorized to investigate the possibility of making payment of membership dues through PayPal or a similar service, and it was decided that April 1 will be the deadline for yearly dues, just as it is for MLA dues.

Members agreed that Dec. 1 is an appropriate deadline for the student essay contests that the society agreed to hold at the last business meeting. Paul Schleuter and Emily Morgan will judge.

Those present then briefly discussed possibilities for the next Lessing conference, and it was suggested that every other conference should be held in the United States.

Next, those present discussed topics for next year’s MLA.  Potential ideas offered were:

  • Doris Lessing: Critics and Reputation (Judith Kegan Gardiner, not present but suggestion offered by email)
  • Gender Issues: Women and Men (Earl Ingersoll)
  • Lessing and Sexuality
  • Queer Lessing
  • Lessing in Space
  • Lessing and the End of Politics
  • Lessing and Human Rights

Members present voted and selected Lessing and Human Rights and Lessing’s Critical Reception for the 2008 allied sessions at MLA.  See cfp on Doris Lessing site.

Paul Schleuter also announced that Lessing’s next book Alfred and Emily will appear next year.