Doris Lessing Society Annual General Meeting – MLA, 4 January 2013


Present:  Alice Ridout (President), Roberta Rubenstein, Virginia Tiger, Sharon Wilson, Sandra Singer, Robin Visel, Paul Schlueter, Jim O’Hare, Sophia Barnes (Scribe), Josna Rege, Cornelius Collins, Jean Tobin

  1. Approval of Agenda


  1. Approval of AGM 2012 Minutes


  1. Business Arising

It was established by Alice that Taiwan is not a viable option for the next DLS International Conference, due to reasons of distance and convenience. Out of 35 active members approximately 5 already expressed an inability to attend if the conference were held in Taiwan.

The idea of a conference to be held in Sydney (potentially in 2014) was floated. It was suggested that Sophia do some research into the presence of Lessing scholars in the area, the viability of holding a conference as regards location, timing, etc. This information will be gathered and provided to Alice Ridout with a view to further discussion via email with the Society.

Alice proposed putting out a formal call for conference proposals and then holding a membership vote to decide which is the most attractive and viable for members.

  1. New Website (https://dorislessingsociety.wordpress.com/)

The new website is up and looking great (thanks owing to Stacey Devlin). There is a new flyer which cost $65 to print, and which was handed out at the Conference. The new image is courtesy of Algoma University fine arts student Lyndsey Young.

The website also contains a Readers’ Notes for Book Club Readers section – contributions encouraged.

  1. Doris Lessing Society on Facebook

We have upwards of 60 likes on Facebook.

  1. Doris Lessing Studies update

The latest issue of the journal is on its way to members via post.

Some questions were raised about the workload of the editor, the level of institutional conscriptions, and the possibility of publishing all (including current) issues of the journal on the website.

Sandra expressed an interest in having guest editors for some issues of the journal in the upcoming months.

  1. Treasurer’s Report.

Members dues have increased to $25US. This was agreed by 100% of the membership for institutional subscribers and 84% of the membership for individual members.

We have just under $2500 in the account, from which the costs of DLS must come. The Acting Treasurer will submit a detailed written report once the expenses of the 2012 journal have been processed.

  1. Doris Lessing Society panels at the MLA.

In 2014 there is a collaborative panel with the DH Lawrence society, which has been agreed to and for which a CFP is currently out.

It was agreed that the guaranteed society panel would focus on the topic of “Emigres, Expats and Exiles: Postwar London” (or similar).

It was suggested and agreed that a third panel (potentially a roundtable) be proposed on the topic of small learned journals, which would involve contact and collaboration with other single author societies operating their own peer-reviewed journals like DLS.

For 2015 the idea of collaboration with the Simone de Beauvoir society was suggested – Alice to approach.

With possible Vancouver location in mind it was suggested that the guaranteed panel could deal with the topic of Lessing’s Massey lectures.

  1. Student Essay Prizes

Announcement of winner delayed – will be announced by email and on the website after the MLA Convention.

Members who are teaching Lessing are encouraged to invite their undergraduate and graduate students to submit to the next Prize round, which will close 1 November 2013.

  1. Revision of Bylaws

We currently do not have a treasurer.

  1. A.O.B.


Respectfully submitted by Sophia Barnes