Doris Lessing Society Minutes – MLA Convention – 2014

Scribe: Tonya Krouse

Attendance: not taken (please submit your attendance via email)

  1. Agenda approved
  2. Minutes Approved
  3. Next International Conference on Doris Lessing

Alice brought the idea for having another conference up for discussion.  Would we be interested in having it in Taiwan? Some other location? Would we like to pair with another society (such as the Margaret Atwood Society) to organize a conference? Members should email Alice with ideas or suggestions regarding putting a conference together.

  1. Alice reported on the status of the Society

The website and Facebook pages are doing great.  Membership dues for 2014 are due.  The Vice Presidency becomes vacant after this year, when Cornelius will ascend to the Presidency.  Dorian Stuber was voted in as treasurer at the 2013 MLA convention, but he would need three years of history in order to apply for an account as the treasurer of a society, and we don’t have three years of records.  We will have that by the end of 2014.

  1. Doris Lessing Studies

Phyllis emailed her report.  Sandra will step down from Doris Lessing Studies. Alice asks if we can vote to make it official that the journal gets published only once per year.  Terry expressed concern that we must act in accordance with MLA guidelines for journals. Those in attendance unanimously agreed that we explain that we publish one issue per year explicitly to subscribers.  Those present also discussed the need to replace Sandra as co-editor.  What are the duties of co-editors of the journal? Can we articulate these roles in the by-laws?  Questions that arose included: What do we do about inactive members in terms of voting? Should we move the journal to being online in order to defray the very expensive costs of printing and mailing the journal? Can we vote on these issues via Survey Monkey? Members present responded that we should do an opinion poll about whether people are comfortable voting electronically; we need to be sure that moving the journal online wouldn’t hurt us in terms of our contracts with other databases; there was some concern that going online might hurt the journal’s reputation, but as the discussion progressed we talked about explicitly defining the peer-review process in order to avoid such a drop in reputation.

  1. Panels for MLA 2015 were agreed

Doris Lessing and Canada—guaranteed panel; Doris Lessing and D. H. Lawrence joint panel with the D. H. Lawrence Society of North America—revise and resubmit; submit proposal for a panel on sites of memory to tie in with the 2015 Convention theme

  1. Graduate Student Prize—two submissions; not judged yet
  2. Thanks – to Sandra Singer for her long service on the journal and to Paul Schlueter for his moving remarks at the Memorial
  3. Reminder: dues are due for 2014