All current Calls for Papers to do with Doris Lessing can be found on this page. Please note that this page features CFPs for a variety of projects, not just official Doris Lessing Society publications and panels. For the Doris Lessing Society’s official CFPs for panels at the MLA please see MLA – Current and to find CFPs for Doris Lessing Studies please see Doris Lessing Studies – Calls for Papers. Old CFPs are regularly removed from this page. If you are looking for an expired CFP, search our monthly archives (accessible in the sidebar). If you are working on a project or putting together a conference panel on a topic that would be of interest to our members, please contact us with your CFP and we will be happy to post it here on our website.

MLA 2017

The deadline for proposals for the Doris Lessing Society panels at the MLA Convention in 2017 has passed. Please see the – MLA – Current webpage on this website for details about the presenters and papers.

Please check back here in January 2017 for the calls for papers for the Doris Lessing Society panels at the 2018 MLA convention in New York City (4-7 January 2018).

Doris Lessing and Canada
Inviting papers exploring Doris Lessing’s Canadian connections. Comparative studies with Canadian authors and papers on CBC lectures series, “Prisons We Choose,” welcome. Abstracts (250-350 words) and bios by 14 March 2014; Alice Rachel Ridout ( (Guaranteed panel.)


Call for papers: special issue of Doris Lessing Studies: Émigrés and Exiles: Doris Lessing in Postwar London

Doris Lessing Studies is seeking papers for a special issue, “Émigrés and Exiles: Doris Lessing in Postwar London.” We invite papers about Lessing’s life and work in the 1950s, when she joined an influx of immigrants to London. Comparative studies welcomed.
Please send 10-to-15-page MLA-style papers to the issue’s co-editors Robin Visel ( ) and Terry Reilly ( by May 1, 2014.

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