Book Club Readers

Welcoming all Doris Lessing readers!

Individual members of the Doris Lessing Society have provided these free resources for students, recreational readers and book clubs that are interested in reading works by Doris Lessing. Here you have a chance to follow reading guides prepared by Lessing scholars from all over the world in the convenience of your home or classroom! Use the links below or the menu under “Book Club Readers” to search by publication.

If you have found these notes helpful and would like to support the Doris Lessing Society, please consider joining us. Everyone from university professors to independent readers are welcome! Don’t forget to also follow this website and like our Facebook page to stay informed about Lessing news and Society events!

Get notes for:

Are you reading a Doris Lessing book at home, for your class or for your book club? What inspired you to read Lessing? Are there places where the book speaks to you or challenges you? Share your thoughts and reactions with other readers by joining the discussion below!

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