The Society’s Annual General Meeting will be held after our panel session in the Overlook Cafe and Bar area of the Pennsylvania Convention Center — follow the signs! 

Philadelphia 2017

MLA 2017

Teaching Doris Lessing in the Twenty-First Century

359. Friday, Jan. 6, 3:30-4:45 in 102B, Pennsylvania Convention Center

The Doris Lessing Society’s session at the 2017 MLA Convention in Philadelphia will be a roundtable on the question: “What do we teach when we teach Doris Lessing now, and how (and to whom) do we teach it?”

The panelists — Rachel Bowser, Bansari Mitra, Josna Rege, Sandra Singer, and Virginia Tiger — will describe their practices for using Lessing in the twenty-first century classroom and their strategies for illuminating current disciplinary topics and approaches with her work. Panelists will connect selected texts — including the stories “The Old Chief Mshlanga” and “To Room Nineteen” and the novels The Golden Notebook, The Memoirs of a Survivor, The Good Terrorist, The Fifth Child, and The Cleft — to the fields of narratology, gender and cultural studies, anti- and post-colonialism, and contemporary politics and history. Presentations will be brief so as to devote the bulk of the session to discussion among the speakers and audience members.


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