Austin 2016


Looking Backward, Looking Forward: Comparative Readings of Doris Lessing’s Historical and Speculative Fiction

“In Pursuit of the Welfare State: Doris Lessing and Intervention,” Lisa Fluet, College of the Holy Cross. (Abstract: Fluet MLA 2016)

“After Aldermaston: Doris Lessing and the Problem of Revolution in the Nuclear Age,” Mark Pedretti, Claremont Graduate University. (Abstract: Pedretti MLA 2016)

“Looking Forward: the Speculative Realism of Doris Lessing and David Mitchell,” Robin Visel, Furman University. (Abstract: Visel MLA 2016)

“Comparative Empires: Diaspora and Hybridity in Children of Violence and and Canopus at Argos,” Linda Weinhouse, Community College of Baltimore County. (Abstract: Weinhouse MLA 2016)

20th/21st-Century Women Writers as Public Intellectuals

Prisons We Choose to Live Inside: Doris Lessing speaks ‘Truth to Power’,” Eleonora Rao, University of Salerno. (Abstract: Rao MLA 2016)

“Toni Morrison, Hannah Arendt, and the Collaborative Public Action of Fiction,” Frederick Coye Heard, Virginia Military Institute. (Abstract: Heard MLA 2016)

“Looking Again at Spain: Rukeyser, Warner, Woolf,” Anne Fernald, Fordham University. (Abstract: Fernald MLA 2016)

“Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Celebrity: Women, Race, and the Public Intellectual,” Erin K. Johns Speese, Duquesne University. (Abstract: Speese MLA 2016)

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