The following resources are provided for the benefit of scholarly research and anyone interested in learning more about the life and work of Doris Lessing:

Bibliography of Lessing’s work – an alphabetical list of Doris Lessing’s published work.

Books about Lessing – a list of books specifically pertaining to Lessing in chronological order by year of publication. If your book is not listed here, contact us. For a bibliography of contemporary women’s writing that may touch on Lessing, please visit the website of the CWWA.

Recent articles and books chapters about Lessing – an alphabetical list of Lessing scholarship from 2010 onwards. This bibliography does not include articles published in Doris Lessing Studies (please refer to the Doris Lessing Studies section of the website for listings of past, current, special and forthcoming issues). If your recent peer-reviewed article or book chapter is not listed here, contact us.

Short biography of Doris Lessing – a biographical essay, focusing on the years from Lessing’s birth through the early 1980s, by Society member Linda E. Chown.

External links – links to useful content outside of the Society website. These include interviews with Lessing, relevant archives, the Nobel site and the MLA.