Current Contents


Volume 35


  • Letter from the President, Cornelius Collins
  • My Life with Doris Lessing Studies, Phyllis Perrakis
  • Letter from the Co-Editors, Robin Visel
  • Review: Doris Lessing and the Forming of History, Lara Choksey
  • “‘Class’ Is not a South African Word’: Parallel Development and “The Place of Black Labor,” Peter Ribic
  • African, Communist: Situating Doris Lessing’s “African Dances,” James Arnett
  • Prisons We Choose to Live Inside: Doris Lessing Speaks Truth to Power, Eleonora Rao
  • “Power to Disturb”: Exploring Iterations of Queerness in Selected Works of Doris Lessing, Stephanie Settle
  • Teaching Lessing Primarily to Graduate Students, Sandra Singer
  • List of Society Officers